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Mysterious V6 Slowdown 2

Just like my previous post, a customer showed me how slow it was to open quotes in V6 on their new Windows 7 machine.

I fired up Process Monitor and looked at the output while loading a quote. I noticed many requests to read\write to the file V6. ini. This file resides in C:\Windows (only in V6 2.1 and older). Since Windows Vista any attempt by an application (without a manifest) to write to C:\Windows will virtualise the file to a location in the user’s profile. This is completely transparent to the application.

For some reason the virtualisation of V6.ini was causing major slowdown in V6. To stop the virtualisation I assigned the write permission to the copy in C:\Windows. This resolved the problem.


Mysterious V6 Slowdown

A few weeks ago I came across a very strange slowdown problem with V6. The customer informed me that it was taking at least five minutes to open quotes, big or small. I logged into the computer and checked the installation. It was a brand new Windows 7 machine and V6 had just been installed so everything was set up correctly.

So I started my usual checks. First was event viewer. I noticed some warnings in there regarding dynamically loaded dll’s. I hadn’t seen that event before and looked into it.

Using the fantastic Process Monitor from Microsoft’s SysInternals, I noticed in the stack of the V6 executable a dll that looked out of place. Checking the properties of this dll showed that it belonged to the anti-virus software installed on the machine.

I hoped that disabling the anti-virus would unload the dll. I was wrong. To dig deeper I loaded up Autoruns (also from Microsoft’s SysInternals) and noticed that the dll was listed in the AppInit section. Disabling this entry and restarting the system solved the problem!

I looked into what AppInit is. It’s a deprecated “feature” (if you could call it that) where dlls are loaded when user32.dll is loaded at startup. This knowledge base article and Microsoft’s Raymond Chen explain why this “feature” should not be used.